The Beverly, with its modern aesthetic, comprehensive amenity package, and central location in the vibrant North Station neighborhood, redefines workforce housing offering top-level amenities at below market rents. Designed to meet the needs of the professionals that make our city great, The Beverly provides graciously appointed apartments reserved for individuals, couples, and families at a variety of income levels (30%, 40%, 50%, 110%, 120%, 140%, 150%, and 165% of Boston’s area median income), providing an incredible opportunity for Bostonians to live in the heart of the city at an affordable rent.

The pet-friendly studio, one, two and three-bedroom residences feature a 24-hour attended lobby, modern finishes, and spectacular views of the skyline, Boston Harbor and the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The building provides top floor amenities, including a fitness center, party room, kid’s room and outdoor terrace and grill. Bike storage and on-site parking are also available. The Beverly is designed both in style and principle to accommodate your 21st century lifestyle.


The Beverly is conveniently located in the heart of Boston, nestled between the historic North End, Rose Kennedy Greenway and Boston Harbor. Located across the street from North Station, The Beverly offers access to a multitude of public transportation options. Whether you walk to work, ride your bike along the Greenway or stroll to your favorite restaurants, you can now “Live Where Your Life Is”.

120% $2,275 $77,156 - $99,600/
$77,156 - $113,760/
140% $2,550 $90,000 - $116,200/
$90,000 - $132,720/
165% $3,165 $106,086 - $136,950/
$106,086 - $156,420/
One Bedroom
140% $2,850 $96,454 - $116,200/
$96,454 - $132,720/
150% $3,050 $103,329 - $124,500/
$103,329 - $142,200/
165% $3,395 $113,675 - $136,950/
$113,675 - $156,420/
Two Bedroom
165% $3,748 $124,475 – $136,620/
$124,475 – $153,615/
$124,475 – $170,610/
Three Bedroom
150% $4,300 $143,286 - $160,050/
$143,286 - $177,750/
$143,286 - $192,000/
$143,286 - $206,250/


Thank you for your interest in The Beverly. Please complete the form below to learn more about available apartments. A Leasing Representative will contact you to submit an application package if your preliminary information matches future availabilities.



Application Process

New applications are being accepted for specific income bands. Please complete the form above and a Leasing Representative will contact you to submit an application package if your preliminary information matches future availabilities.

You will need to submit your household size and income on the application, which will be verified during the application review process.

Be prepared to present copies of recent years’ federal tax returns, recent paystubs, and copies of financial statements.

Preferences will be given to those applicants who meet the person per bedroom minimum and household income requirements.

Post-Application Process

When the leasing team contacts you about proceeding with the application process, you will have the opportunity to learn more and ask questions one-to-one. The website will be updated to provide overall progress updates, so please check back.

The lottery for The Beverly took place at 11:00am on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 in the Department of Development’s Winter Chambers Room located at 26 Court Street, Boston, MA 02108. These lotteries are always open to the public, but please note that you do not have to be present to be entered. After the drawing, everyone entered in the lottery is notified of their lottery number in writing (email or USPS). Additionally, it is very important to note that nobody wins anything at the lottery. The lottery is simply a way to randomize the applicant pool so that the opportunities are not offered to people on a first-come-first-serve basis. Your lottery number is only one piece of the sorting process.

You will have 14 days to place an appeal, which can be submitted by mail with supporting documentation. If necessary, an appeal meeting can be scheduled. You will receive an appeal decision in writing within a timely manner following the appeal submission.

We are now accepting applications for all moderate-income units. Please contact a leasing representative for more information regarding our waitlist at The Beverly.

Apartment selection will be available for units which the household qualifies for at that given time.

Building / Amenities

There will be a mix of bedroom types at both the affordable and workforce levels. In total, the property offers 58 studios, 113 one bedrooms, 44 two bedrooms, and 24 three bedrooms.

The Beverly is an exclusively rental apartment building.

The property includes a fitness center, outdoor terrace with grills, children’s room and an entertainment room as well as a pet spa and bike storage. The lobby will also be attended 24/7.

All apartments have dishwashers and washer-dryer units.

We welcome pets. Breed restrictions for dogs will apply. Pet owners will need to complete a special Pet Rider addendum to their lease.

There is a parking garage with spaces available on a first-come first-serve basis. These spaces can be leased at market levels and are not included when a tenant signs a lease for an apartment.

Rent & Eligibilty

Rents are derived via a HUD-established annual area median income for Boston.

Rents may adjust based on the HUD-published annual AMI and in accordance with prescribed rent limits.

Household income for housing programs seeks to project the income flow for the next twelve months for a household. Household income for housing programs will likely differ from taxable income for income tax purposes. Housing programs are typically based upon the HUD 4350.3 guide, with variation for the specific type of program. Some of the contributors to household income include employment income, benefit income, regular periodic receipts, various types of support, and interest and dividend income. We encourage all applicants to apply; at your interview you will have the opportunity to review household income in detail.

All assets, including property and retirement assets, and periodic amounts will be reviewed and may be factored in as part of your income eligibility. To the extent there are other items impacting your income eligibility, this will be reviewed with your application.

Credit screening will be completed for all eligible applicants. Credit screening for applicants considers a variety of factors including amount of debt supported by the household; recency of bankruptcy, if any; outstanding judgments or liens; the extent of negative credit lines.

Students may apply for The Beverly; however, a household of only full-time students is not eligible unless the household satisfies one of the regulated exception criteria.

Initial eligibility is based on projected income for the next twelve months based upon approved income verification methodologies. Eligibility at annual re-certification will be determined at that time with a review of the increase as it relates to an applicable income limit buffer.

The rent includes water and heat. The tenant will be responsible for electricity.

Certain amenities will include a fee to cover maintenance and operations of the amenity facilities.

101 Beverly Street, Boston MA 02114

Contact Us: 617.663.8000

Alternatively, applications may be picked up in person at Lovejoy Wharf located at 131 Beverly Street, Boston, MA 02114 at the following dates and times: Monday - Friday July 17th – July 28th, 2017 9am-5pm, with late hours until 7pm Thursday July 20th, 2017 AND Thursday July 27th, 2017; weekend hours Saturday July 22nd AND Saturday July 29th, 2017 9am-12pm.

If you had previously completed an inquiry form on www.thebeverlyboston.com an application will be mailed to you at the address you provided starting on July 13th, 2017. Be careful not to apply more than once. Applicants who submit more than one application may be disqualified.

Completed applications must be returned by the deadline. Send by email to apply@thebeverlyboston.com or by mail to:

BOSTON, MA 02116-6008

Learn more about The Beverly at a public information session at 6PM on Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at:

The West End Branch of the Boston Public Library
151 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA 02114